How should you follow up after your first date with a white guy?

interracial-sitesSo you are done with your first date with a white guy and feel really excited and crazy about it. Thoughts of previous day’s evening are still fresh in your mind and you want to proceed and want something more to happen. So what next? Do you need to text him, send an email or just pick up the phone and say hi! How do you go about it and what steps you need to take in order to win your second date with the white guy you had always wanted to get into a relationship with? We tried to answer the aforesaid questions in the quick write up below; read on to find out more.


Send a follow up text

In today’s world of modern communication technologies at hand, it’s quite easy to be in touch. It’s a good idea to ask him whether or not he has reached home safe by sending a text. Over the next few days, stay in touch with her by either sending her texts or calling him so that he knows you care about him. Do not wait for more that 3 days to fix up the next date so that continuity is maintained. People don’t want to be called unless it’s very urgent so stick to texting and emailing or else you may annoy them.

Choose dating location wisely

Once your first date is over, which may be dinner out there in one of the best restaurants in your area; next step is to choose the second dating location. In choosing second or consequent dating locations be a little witty and choose something different such as a beach location or some park where you can spend more time. Going out for dinner all the time may be monotonous while going outdoors will definitely spruce you up. Another idea is to find out from your date what she likes and then choose the location.

Be a little cautious about intimacy

There are certain girls who would like to be more intimate compared to other girls on their first date. Touching hands, hugging, kissing or any other gesture that brings you closer may be ok things for some girls but for other it may just annoy them. Same is true with sex as well since some girls may want to wait for some time, say a month or so before getting into sexual relationship with you while others may do it on the first date itself.

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