How can you tell that a girl is serious about you after the first date?

Interracial DatingRemember that date where you were all geared up to have cosy talks with your chic and surprisingly you discover that you are actually in a tight spot whether to ask her out for a second date. But, if the girl likes you then there is no reason to be worried, you are the one for her and she would not ditch on you unless you choose to. But how on earth would you get to know if she likes to meet you again?

Here are five signs for you to know if the girl is completely into you and she would love to have a second date with you.

Sign 1# she takes interest in your talks, no matter how foolish it is:

If the girl acknowledges and responds positively wearing a genuine smile to whatever you blabber and if she doesn’t choose to contradict your say, rather discusses in deep with you, take that as a green signal, rest assured, you are on the right track.

Sign 2# she pampers you and touches you whenever possible:

If a girl genuinely likes a guy, she naturally tends to pamper the guy by a few gestures like rubbing hair, touching your cheeks and ears, patting your shoulder, holding you hand etc. So if she does all this, you got to be a gentleman and take the lead to make her feel comfortable. Show her that you are enjoying her attention and she is all yours for the second date.

Sign 3# she shares a lot of things with you:

If your girl starts talking you about her friends, family and tends to share most of her personal things with you, then you are bang on there. Every girl loves to share stuff with the guy she likes. All you have to do is to take the interest and listen to her with empathy. Just listen and agree with her view point, don’t try to give her suggestions in contradict and spoil the soup.

Sign 4# she laughs at your silliest of jokes:

Girls fall flat for you if your sense of humour is good. If your girl starts laughing at your sillies jokes, then don’t be surprised. It’s a sign that she likes you and can stand your bad jokes for you.

Sign #5: Do it the gentleman way. Her eyes would say it all:

Look into her eyes; if you see a sparkle of love in her eyes, then that’s it. Get set to prepare for your second date with her.

Try to assess the girl on these parameters. If you find all these signs matching with hers, you’ve hit the bull’s eye. Get all set for your second date with her.


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