Hey Singles! Are you ready to mingle this Valentine’s Day?

Valentine's dayFor all the singles out there, Valentine’s Day is difficult to get through. Given the fact that all your friends are heading out with their partners, makes things a lot worse than what it would have been. However, things could be a little different this time around, provided you make an initiative. Here is what you can do differently this year to boost your prospects of finding a match.

  • Join a dating site that suits your preferences: There are thousands of dating sites available on the market. However, choosing a site that caters to all your needs is a tad difficult. Instead of checking out every website and wasting a great deal of time, it would be better to check out reviews on a reliable site. Comprehensive reviews are known to cover every aspect of the dating site including subscription options and features thereby giving a clear idea of whether or not the site has everything that you’re looking for
  • Make the first move: When you’re looking to connect with someone online, it is advised you make the first move rather waiting for someone to get in touch with you. Making the first move shows that you’re confident and open to stepping into uncharted waters. In addition, making the first move would also boost your chances of finding a match. With dating sites loaded with features like mailbox and instant messenger, interacting with a fellow user is no longer a uphill task.
  • Look appealing: One of the major reasons why people fail to find a match online is their unappealing profile pictures. Like it or not, the first thing that an average internet user checks on your profile is the picture. Only then would he bother take a glance at other details pertaining to your personal life, your interests and preferences. Having a shabby picture would certainly fail to make a lasting impression and sabotage your prospective of finding someone online.
  • Don’t ignore forums and blogs: A lot of users who happen to ‘actively’ use dating sites fail miserably when it comes to making the most of features like forums or blogs. These resources actually serve as tools to communicate with a larger audience with minimal effort. When you write a blog post to share your experiences, you’re actually reaching out to thousands of users with the help of a single post, which is certainly better than sending out thousands of messages.

Being single on Valentine’s Day is certainly not the case when you have top notch dating sites at your service today. With a few clicks of the mouse, you’d be able to connect with a huge subscriber base, which in turn would increase your chances of finding someone amazing.


The Best Celebrity Interracial Couples

Interracial dating is no longer considered a taboo in most parts of the world, but is rather considered to be a step in the positive direction towards the betterment of humanity. The reasons for rise in such dating can be attributed to multiple causes, first being a large number of options available in the form of online dating, also the influence of many Hollywood celebrities who have found their soul mate, in a person from belonging to another race. If we take a look at the Hollywood dating scene, we would find that there are multiple black women dating white men and living very happy lives.

Best interracial celebrity couples

So you’re wondering who were the most popular and talked about interracial celebrity couples? Do not worry, we’ve got the answer for you.

Robert Pattinson and FKA TwigsRobert Pattinson and FKA Twigs: the name Robert Pattinson should immediately strike a chord with anyone who is a fan of The Twilight saga, or has at least watched the movie. The lead character of Twilight is now dating the British singer since August 24, and have recently got engaged. All gossips and rumours aside, various Hollywood Reporter’s have said that the couple is living the best days of their life in a state of perpetual bliss.

Robert De Niro and Grace HightowerRobert De Niro and Grace Hightower: Robert De Niro is a personality who needs no introduction. After having starred in top-class movies like Taxi Driver, Goodfellas, Casino, the actor gained widespread recognition. The Oscar-winning actor married Grace Hightower, who is also an actor, in 1997, and have had two children together.

Ron Perlman and Opal stoneRon Perlman and Opal stone: it can be said that this couple started the concept of interracial dating in Hollywood, by getting married in the year 1981. Many years have passed is then and this couple is still happily together in 2015. Ron Perlman rose to fame after his role in the popular TV series Sons of anarchy.


George Lucas and Melody HobsonGeorge Lucas and Melody Hobson: probably one of the most influential interracial couples in Hollywood, the creator of Star Wars series, George Lucas married Melody Hobson, in the year 2013. This is George Lucas’s second marriage. The couple is said to be living happily ever after.


David Bowie and ImanDavid Bowie and Iman: another example of black women dating white men can be seen as David Bowie, an iconic Glam rock star married Iman, who is a Somali American actress, in the year 1992. The couple has remained together since then.


Why interracial dating is for you?

Love is the most purest emotion, and factors like race, religion, ethnicity, country, should not come in between. If you ever thought about dating a person belonging from another race, there are many interracial dating sites available on the Internet, for you to choose from. Getting dates from these websites are easier than real life as you are allowed the option to go through private profiles and choose the most potential date according to your preferences. No longer do you have to do test-dating in order to understand which person is just right for you.

Tips for black women in interracial relationships

im4There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that interracial relationships are great. These relationships are a great learning experience and teach the value of multi-culturalism. In addition to this, children born to mixed parents have an opportunity to learn about the cultures and traditions of their parents.

However, for black women in interracial relationships, things aren’t that easy. Due to the history involving the black and whites, a lot of people continue to remain skeptical about the future of such relationships. Nonetheless, considering the rise in the number of interracial marriages in the United States of America and across the world, the trend seems to be changing.

Here are a few tips for black women that are either seeking an interracial relationship or are already in one:

    • Learn to respect and accept each other: You’d certainly have a lot of differences in cultures but do not let those differences crop into the relationship. For instance, if you’re married to a white partner, your ancestors are very likely to have faced tones of hardships years ago. It is essential that you don’t bring those things in little arguments as it would certainly ruin the relationship.
    • Get onto the right places to find an interracial match: If you’re still in search of an ideal partner, it is important that you visit places that attract people of mixed cultures. This would make you broad minded and increase your rapport with people of diverse cultures. You could also consider joining a reliable interracial dating site in search of your perfect partner.
    • Don’t believe in stereotypes: Indeed, they are called stereotypes for a reason. However, things have changed drastically over the years. Eventually, it all comes down to experiences that make a person who he is. Bear in mind that not all white man are well-mannered and have degrees from reputed colleges. It is essential that you do adequate research before choosing a person as your life companion.
    • Support each other: Getting in to an interracial relationship, would make you the subject of great criticism. You’d have to answer a lot of questions not only from your family members but also from friends as well as strangers. You would also have to face crude stares from passersby and respond to those in the best way possible. Make sure you justify the relationship by being with each other through thick and thin and not letting others take advantage of the cultural differences.

Now that you know about the tips and tricks of finding an interracial date and maintaining a healthy relationship with him, it’s time to follow the aforementioned guidelines and ensure you raise a happy and contended family together.

How can you tell that a girl is serious about you after the first date?

Interracial DatingRemember that date where you were all geared up to have cosy talks with your chic and surprisingly you discover that you are actually in a tight spot whether to ask her out for a second date. But, if the girl likes you then there is no reason to be worried, you are the one for her and she would not ditch on you unless you choose to. But how on earth would you get to know if she likes to meet you again?

Here are five signs for you to know if the girl is completely into you and she would love to have a second date with you.

Sign 1# she takes interest in your talks, no matter how foolish it is:

If the girl acknowledges and responds positively wearing a genuine smile to whatever you blabber and if she doesn’t choose to contradict your say, rather discusses in deep with you, take that as a green signal, rest assured, you are on the right track.

Sign 2# she pampers you and touches you whenever possible:

If a girl genuinely likes a guy, she naturally tends to pamper the guy by a few gestures like rubbing hair, touching your cheeks and ears, patting your shoulder, holding you hand etc. So if she does all this, you got to be a gentleman and take the lead to make her feel comfortable. Show her that you are enjoying her attention and she is all yours for the second date.

Sign 3# she shares a lot of things with you:

If your girl starts talking you about her friends, family and tends to share most of her personal things with you, then you are bang on there. Every girl loves to share stuff with the guy she likes. All you have to do is to take the interest and listen to her with empathy. Just listen and agree with her view point, don’t try to give her suggestions in contradict and spoil the soup.

Sign 4# she laughs at your silliest of jokes:

Girls fall flat for you if your sense of humour is good. If your girl starts laughing at your sillies jokes, then don’t be surprised. It’s a sign that she likes you and can stand your bad jokes for you.

Sign #5: Do it the gentleman way. Her eyes would say it all:

Look into her eyes; if you see a sparkle of love in her eyes, then that’s it. Get set to prepare for your second date with her.

Try to assess the girl on these parameters. If you find all these signs matching with hers, you’ve hit the bull’s eye. Get all set for your second date with her.

How to know if a white guy is interested in you on a dating site?

Interracial DatingWith the advent of Internet, online interracial dating sites have become quite popular these days. You have lots of them and each one of them is unique in its characteristics and feature set. Online dating sites are quite useful as well since you get to know each other well and make an informed decision of whether or not should you meet. So here in this article we have covered certain points, which you need to keep in mind to find out whether a guy is really interested in you on a dating site. Read on to find out more.


How often does he message you?

This point is really important since there are some people who will message you for some time and then disappear for a week or so. They do not maintain continuity and this leaves the chances of doubt of whether he is really interested in you or not. They might be communicating with someone else at the same time and that’s why they don’t have enough time to quickly respond to your messages. This also shows that they are not sincere enough in the relationship with you so it’s better to end the communication.

What kind of question is your prospective white partner asking?

You must have updated your profile on the online dating site with lots of information such as your hobbies, your work or job details, your family and stuff like that. Some guys will ask only generalized questions such as what did you do on the weekend or how is your job going on. Look out for the guys who ask questions that are deeply related to your profile on the online dating site. This will make sure that he has thoroughly studied your profile, and is genuinely interested in you.

Watch out for indecent guys

These guys are found everywhere, irrespective of location or race. While some guys on interracial dating sites are quite decent and well mannered while others are there just looking for fun. While not everyone might be the same, if someone sends indecent texts or asks you to send some ‘sexy’ pictures, which means a red flag – a trap that you shouldn’t fall into. Chances are pretty high that the guy is only interested in having some fun and commitment is certainly not on the cards.

While interracial dating sites can certainly filter out scam profiles, determining the intentions of a particular user is impossible. It is advised you join a trust-worthy dating site such as InterracialMatch.com and look out for verified profiles. Check out the informative blog section available on the site to learn more on how to connect with the right audience.

How should you follow up after your first date with a white guy?

interracial-sitesSo you are done with your first date with a white guy and feel really excited and crazy about it. Thoughts of previous day’s evening are still fresh in your mind and you want to proceed and want something more to happen. So what next? Do you need to text him, send an email or just pick up the phone and say hi! How do you go about it and what steps you need to take in order to win your second date with the white guy you had always wanted to get into a relationship with? We tried to answer the aforesaid questions in the quick write up below; read on to find out more.


Send a follow up text

In today’s world of modern communication technologies at hand, it’s quite easy to be in touch. It’s a good idea to ask him whether or not he has reached home safe by sending a text. Over the next few days, stay in touch with her by either sending her texts or calling him so that he knows you care about him. Do not wait for more that 3 days to fix up the next date so that continuity is maintained. People don’t want to be called unless it’s very urgent so stick to texting and emailing or else you may annoy them.

Choose dating location wisely

Once your first date is over, which may be dinner out there in one of the best restaurants in your area; next step is to choose the second dating location. In choosing second or consequent dating locations be a little witty and choose something different such as a beach location or some park where you can spend more time. Going out for dinner all the time may be monotonous while going outdoors will definitely spruce you up. Another idea is to find out from your date what she likes and then choose the location.

Be a little cautious about intimacy

There are certain girls who would like to be more intimate compared to other girls on their first date. Touching hands, hugging, kissing or any other gesture that brings you closer may be ok things for some girls but for other it may just annoy them. Same is true with sex as well since some girls may want to wait for some time, say a month or so before getting into sexual relationship with you while others may do it on the first date itself.

In case you haven’t yet managed to connect with white guys, joining InterracialMatch.com can help you. The website boasts of a huge membership base, which is mated to an extensive set of options.

What is it like to date a black woman


Since America started accepting interracial marriages, a lot of black woman – white man relationships have come into existence. As a matter of fact, people no longer view race or cultural background as a decisive parameter when it comes to finding a life companion. On the other hand, modern Americans prefer dating a person with whom they have certain interests in common.

Here is what it is like to date a black woman, according to white men:

    • They’re great cooks: Anyone who has dated a black woman would be aware of the fact that they’re great cooks and love to experiment. She firmly believes that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and wouldn’t leave any stone unturned to keep you contented. She wouldn’t mind learning about your culture and dishes, and would love to make improvisations to the same.
    • They’re humble and caring: A black woman knows how to keep their family members happy all the time. She knows exactly how to interact with her kids and husband, in order to keep them satisfied and happy all the time. She has seen terrible times and knows the value of a great family. She would go to any extent to withhold the integrity of her family and protect them as well.
    • They’re fun loving: According to white men, black women love to party. They don’t mind shaking a leg at parties and love to be part of the action. They love to head out on vacations with families and spend some quality time with when away from the busy and monotonous life of the city.
    • They’re family – oriented: Black women are known to be focused on their families compared to their white counterparts. However, this doesn’t mean that they aren’t career – centric. With black women having degrees from some of the leading universities in the United States and Canada, a lot of women have high paying jobs and strive to achieve an amazing work – life balance.

All in all, dating a white woman as a black man is a pleasing experience that gives an amazing opportunity to learn about different aspects of life. In addition, you’d also be able to view the work from a different perspective when you choose to date a person belonging to a different racial background.